Selasa, 18 Agustus 2009

Poor me

I hate July and August. It is caused I had some bad memories on that months for two years. Actually, I can’t decide to judge July and August as my bad months, but It is truly soooooooo poor of me. I lost my cellphone on 26th July 2008 when I did some simulations for student orientation in my campus. Then, my father gave a new cellphone (that’s actually my brother’s cellphone) to me. Unfortunately, I just used it for a month because that cellphone has just broken. I did it, I made my second cellphone brake. And my father changed my cellphone left. He gave me N81. I enjoy with it. N81 is my exclusive and my first wifi cellphone.

Again and again, on 20th July 2009, I lost my lovely N81 cellphone. It happened when I went to Garut to visit my senior high school reunioun. I cried loudly and I was very shock to know that N81 wasn’t beside me anymore. My parents maybe was soo disappointed to me because I had lost my cellphone for the second time. They didn’t angry and say something except they suggested that I should be more patient, and careful. My mother gave her cellphone (nokia 6300). How stupid I am because that cellphone was broken by me. I just used it for two weeks. If I didn’t think about my lovely family, my education and myself, I would suicide in that time. But, I try to repair it in Nokia centre. 4 days left, the operator sent me a text that they can’t repair it. I was soo down deeply.

Finally I told it to my mother. She is the best mother in the world. She is never angry but she also tells me to keep myself safe.

And now, I buy my new nokia (1202) with my own money. The price is RP.280.000,- I should take care of it more than my previous cellphones.

The conclution of the story about my cellphone is…

Saya kurang mensyukuri dan menghargai apa yang diberikan oleh Allah dan kedua orangtua saya. I shouldn’t hate something because of my mistake. That’s it.

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