Selasa, 04 Agustus 2009

The Shortest Love Story I have Ever Had

Ok then, I wanna try to write something in my blog using english. With a good grammar hopely.

In my previous note, I told that I had fallen in love with someone at my theatre organization. He is my senior there. He has nothing special actually. In the other word, he is an ordinary person. Maybe I used my untruth feeling and I became ‘melankolis’ when I saw him working for my staging. Running from one side into the others. He was handsome and gorgeous in my eyes for that time only.

That’s why I am always thinking all about his nice and bad attitude (when I was staying beside him at sekre) every night after the staging until now, so that’s not strange if I miss him badly.

Yesterday, I visited sekre, the first visited time after my staging on last Friday. He was in upstairs when I arrived there. Dag dig dug, I feel soo nervous listening his ‘ehem’ voice. FOOL GIRL !

Then I went to Mang Endin Meatball with Arie for lunch. After eating my last meatball, I decided to go to sekre anymore. My friends sent me some texts that I must help them for cleaning sekre. Then I couldn’t reject their wish because of him ofcourse.

He was using ‘color biru’ with black jacket when I saw him in sekre. I felt he was in a bad condition. Yes, he had a bad cold. He wanted me to ‘memijit’ him in upstairs. And I did it after finishing my work. For the ‘imbalan’, he gave me a chocolate. But I forgot to bring it. Damn !

At 19.00ish, I sent him a text and he didn’t reply it. I known that he doesn’t have some ‘pulsa(s)’. I hope he can reply my text via facebook, but he didn’t do that too. Then I saw his account for a while. I saw he wrote something on izka’s wall. I also read their wall-to-wall. Suck, I found something which made my heart broken AGAIN. He likes her. That’s the conclusion that I have after reading their conversations.

I never judge all man have the same character, they like a perfect-beautiful girl. It depends everyman itself. I have ever felt that I could be someone who everyman like if I were a thin girl, and I have tried to be like that. But now I kow that all are bullshit. I fell better for being myself. My fat-funny-body is my beautiful ‘aset’. My parents said, “don’t think anything about a boyfriend now, because you are soo special and you should have the special boy one. Just the special one who could see the special thing inside your body and your heart. That is not because you are a rich girl and it is not because you are our lovely daughter. It is caused by yourself.”

So, my special feeling for him has gone in the 3rd day.

I need some dictionaries in my PC and my mobile too. All I have, everything has gone. Somebody, help me L

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